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My Senders September 26, 2008

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Ok, you are due for an update.  I finally received my exact balance due yesterday and I can now officially report that you did it!  We did it!  The entire amount due for my missions trip to Zimbabwe was raised, with an excess of about $26.  But don’t worry……..I’ll use that $26 toward the numerous supplies I have to purchcase for my trip.  I am beyond grateful to my “senders”.  That word “senders” means a lot to me.  Without you, I would not be going to Africa to serve my Savior, to minister for Him and hopefully help solidfy some precious souls for His glorious kingdom. 

I have been a “sender” before, and never did I understand the power of what I was doing until now, as I am so humbled by the incredible effort so many people have made to send me.  My senders have been passionate, compassionate, generous, loving, and with the spirit of servants themselves.  Some of my senders want to go too, and they will when they can.  Some of my senders are struggling in this economy.  Some of my senders are total strangers.  Some of my senders are old friends from High School who I haven’t seen in years and years and years.  Some of my senders are business associates, and friends. 

I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  Thank you each.

My senders are:

Cindy, Pam & Fred, Jeanne, Julie H., Elaine S., Monty, Chuck & Laura, Sujette & Jim, Sharon & Brad, Gigi, Lisa & Greg, Gia & Danny, Karen & Bill,  Belinda, and Gretchen

I am telling my audience who you are because you bless me.  I want to show you off like ornaments on a Christmas tree, all sparkly and shining from within, special, delicate, a treasure year after year.  I love you all!!!!!

**As a side note here, I know that a few donations have been received by my church for the trip I will go on to the Dominican Republic in March….however I do not know who made those donations (other than 1 friend who told me).  If you made a donation for that trip and meant to remain anonymous, that is perfectly fine and I deeply appreciate it.  If you want me to know who you are, please tell me so that I can properly thank you!!!!!  And also please know that if you want to help send me to the DR in March, there is still opportunity.

Thank you also to those who continue to support me in prayer.  The time is getting closer.  My nerves are still pretty wrecked and I still break down at the thought of leaving my children, missing the bulk of the Christmas season, meeting hungry orphans face to face, flying, just all of it.  This isn’t like taking a girls trip to the beach……please continue praying for me and all my anxiety!


Local Project September 21, 2008

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I am so excited that next Saturday I’ll be volunteering with an all women’s team to build a house for Habitat for Humanity, somewhere here in Nashville.  I am nervous about my shoulder and wrist that still hurt quite a lot from my car accident on 8/3, but I am just trusting that I will make it through the day, that I will be productive and able to work hard.  Anyone out there reading this…..please say a prayer for the pain……maybe that it will miraculously disappear at least for that one day.

I’ll take pics and post them here after the project.  I’m excited to be able to serve in this way.  It is so apropos.  I love architecture.  I sell houses.  I’m quite a handy-lady!  I’d love to have my hands in a project with other women from my church, serving as the hands and feet of Jesus.  It will be such an honor.


So excited September 17, 2008

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I am amazed, humbled and speechless…(well, I’m never actually speechless!).  I have raised a little more than enough money to mail to Fellowship Travel International tomorrow to pay for my flight to Africa, my deposit, and a wee bit more.  I only have to raise few hundred more dollars before the end of October.  I am so grateful to everyone who mailed me donations and to those who have pledged to do so.  And I am deeply grateful for the prayers.  All the prayers have been and will continue to be a blessing to me.  Thank you!  Each of you!


Small Matters September 13, 2008

OK, so here’s the deal………….I want to encourage you all to get involved in something.  If you are anything like me, you might feel like you can’t make a difference because you don’t have enough money, enough time, or enough talent.  I have felt like that often.  How can I positively affect someone else’s problems, while mine seem monumental?  I believe in my heart that most people truly want to help and make a difference, but we often do not feel empowered to do so.  I am realizing that empowerment is in your mind, heart, soul and faith. 

To get you started, I’m introducing you to 2 organizations.  Both reach out to kids and are local, serving Middle Tennessee and Kentucky…(see I don’t just think about Africa).  I’m asking you to do this….at a MINIMUM, please visit their websites to learn about their initiatives.  Next – at the very least, spread the word in your circles…….your bible study groups, church teams, work peers, friends, etc.  Just send them an email directing them here, or send them the links to these organizations.  Then last, make a donation.  It can be $5.  It doesn’t have to be thousands.  The small donations matter as much as the big ones.  That is why I am calling this…”Small Matters”.

As for a quick missions update.  I was overwhelmed yesterday with many of you who made pledges to help me raise the money I need by Monday.  I think my mailbox is going to be full today and Monday of large and SMALL donations and I believe I am oh so very close to raising what I need for the initial deposit and airfare.  This tells me one thing…and it is the only one thing I need to know.  God does indeed intend for me to go.  I’ll post more in the next day or so to share my totals, because I want you to rejoice with me. 

BUT FOR NOW……here is your mission:

1.  www.FrontPorchMinistry.org

2. www.barefootrepublic.org

Please, if you have been inspired to do something here, come back and leave a comment to help me publicize this site and encourage others to reach out.  Love you all!!!!!


I Need To Raise Money Fast September 11, 2008

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Thank you for coming here to catch my update.  Let me first tell you that I hate to ask for money.  I genuinely do.  And like many people, I don’t particularly care for other people to ask ME for money…..  But there are times when I feel particularly drawn to a cause and am happy to give, and there are times I’m particularly fond of a person who I am happy to support.  The economy is very tight these days and it’s not a good time to ask, but I’m asking.

But first let me share with you the exact plans, as they are finally concrete.  I will be traveling to Harare in the country of Zimbabwe, on the continent of Africa, from December 5th – December 19th….yes, in 2008.  I will spend 2 days in cross-cultural training and the rest of my time at one of 4 orphanages, served by ACTSAFRICA, which you may investigate at www.actsafrica.com.  My trip is coordinated through Fellowship International, a missions organization who customizes mission trips for groups or individuals.  I am going alone.  A staff member will guide my every step, (but really God will).

Of the four orphanages I can serve while there, I am particularly drawn to the Rose of Sharon (Moses Basket – home for abandoned babies).  Most of these children were abandoned and are HIV positive.  The other I believe I am a good fit for is the Voice of Peace home, which is the most primitive of the children’s homes, with very young children.

Many missions trips offer excursions for the traveler, to take advantage of some R&R or sightseeing.  I will NOT be doing this.  The calling on my heart is to go and serve, NOT to go, serve and see sights.  If I wanted to see sights, I’d prefer to be with my family while doing so.  And I’d rather be with my kids than in a jungle, so please know that I do not have “other” plans.  I will travel for 4 days, be trained for 1-2 days, and serve for the remaining 9 days.  I will only see what I see on the bus/car ride from Johannesburg South Africa to Harare in Zimbabwe.

Did I mention I am going alone?  Yes, I am freaking out and yes I am worried, but my heart is not going to say no.

I have already received generous donations in the amount of $490 and a few pledges for non-specific amounts.  I need to raise $2,253 more, and most importantly, I need $1,473.22 in the next 4 days!!!! YES, that’s right!!!  I have to pay for my flight, because it cannot be held.  Of course, I just found this out today, so I am scrambling.

If you feel that you can donate anything at all, I humbly request that you drop a check in the mail to me asap.  You can make the check payable to Fellowship International, and in the memo line include #43890.  If you’ll mail to me at my home address, I will then mail all the checks together, and Joe and I will pay the difference of any monies that I cannot raise.  If you need my home address, please see the email that I sent to you separately.  (By the way, it is a tax deduction!)

If you cannot respond that quickly but want to contribute, please let me know in the form of a pledge.  I will need to continue to raise money for this trip, to pay the balance in full no later than October 31st.

The greatest and most important request that I have is for your prayers.  My heart is heavy for the children of poverty.  I fear stepping into this world that I cannot possibly imagine and that I know will leave an impression on my soul, my heart, and forever in my mind.  I dread like hell leaving my own children……my young children.  I am afraid of flying.  I hate the heat…..and in Zimbabwe I have to wear pants…cannot even wear shorts.  I am not traveling with a team or a comfy group of friends….literally, I am going alone.  All I can tell you is that I must go.  Prayers for all of my fears would be deeply appreciated.  Prayers for the resources and the provision would also be deeply valued.  Prayers for my family to miss me, but without sadness, while I am away…would comfort me.  My prayer for you, whether you can donate or pray (or both) is that you would be blessed and touched by God, and by the stories I will share about my opportunity to serve orphans in Zimbabwe.

Thank you……………..Thank you.    (Please read other posts below if you are coming here for the first time).


My personal blog September 5, 2008

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My family, life and faith blog is www.untilthejasperwalls.blogspot.com


Money, and Opposition

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In exciting news, I have received $290 in donations this week to get me started on my fundraising efforts.  The beauty to me of these 3 donations I have received so far are this.  (1) My first donation was from a total stranger, who received a forward from me from a mutual friend.  What a heart!  Thank you Gretchen.  (2) My second donation this week was from an old (but young) high-school friend who I’ve only recently been reacquainted with through facebook.  We barely know each other.  Thank you Lisa.  (3) And my 3rd, is from a dear friend who really needs the money right now.  She gave it to me in tears, put her foot down, and shared it is her dream to go into missions to serve the Lord.  Thank you Elaine S.

On the OTHER hand, I have met some opposition this week.  It has hurt my heart a little, but I know that with God I’ll overcome the obstacle.  My mother-in-law would really like for me to not go.  It’s too far and too long to leave the children.  I’m hoping she has a change of heart because I’d like to have her support.  The Devil would love for me to break down and begin to agree with her.  I think about leaving my children and I weep every time.  My heart truly does break over the thought of leaving Shawn, since he does not understand at his age.  And it breaks over leaving Asher, because that little angel is glued to me these days.  I have to know they will be okay if I leave for 2 weeks.  Satan….GET THEE BEHIND ME!!!!!!!  LOL